Shoulder Pathologies

Shoulder Instability

Dislocation: a permanent loss of contact between the humeral head and the glenoid requiring emergency reduction.
Subluxation: a partial loss of contact between the humeral head and the glenoid
Shoulder pain with a feeling of instability (the"armed" arm position)


  • Assess for apprehension
  • Assess for signs of instability
  • Inferior subluxation of the humeral head
  • Assess for hyperlaxity (favours instability)

Standard X-Rays: AP (neutral, medial and lateral rotation) and bilateral Bernargeau view, glenoïd wear.
Arthroscan or arthro MRI: tear of the glenoid labrum and capsulo-ligamentous structures.


Arthroscopic procedures

Latarjet (+++): coracoid bone block
Bankart: Anterior capsulo-ligamentous tightening
Bankart and posterior filling: bipolar fixation


Latarjet: Bony lesion (contact sports : rugby, handball), 10 dislocations
Bankart: No bony lesion (recreational sports)
Bipolar locking: No glenoid bony lesion

Post-operative regimen:

  • Outpatient or 24 hour hospitalization
  • Sling for 10 days
  • Self-rehabilitation for 3 weeks
  • Physiotherapy starting on week 4
  • Swimming starting on week 6


  • Painless and stable shoulder with full motion
  • Recurrence rate
    • 2% to 3% after Latarjet
    • 5% to 10% after bipolar fixation
    • 10% to 15% after Bankart
  • Indications must be carefully selected

When can patients resume playing sports?

  • 3 to 6 months : contactless sports
  • 6 to 9 months : contact sports


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