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On-Top Plasty (replay)

Webinar of Institut de la Main : On-Top plasty


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Surgery on congenital hand anomalies can be challenging in severe malformations. Surgeons should take profit of all available anatomical parts to improve the function and aesthetics of the hand. In some complex cases, the so-called On-Top Plasty can be indicated for stabilization, lengthening or fingertip reconstruction. A careful analysis of each deformity is mandatory to choose the best parts of two digits in order to reconstruct a better finger or thumb.
Speakers will share their experiences on pedicled transfers of segments of fingers. Some examples will illustrate how we can really “push the limits”.

Our 4 experts :

Stephane Guéro - France
Alain Gilbert - France
Steven Hovius - Netherlands
Wiebke Hülsemann - Germany



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