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Inpatient vs Day Surgery

The Clinique Bizet offers two different types of hospital care:

  • Traditional inpatient care, with 151 beds available

  • Day surgery with 15 beds available

Day surgery, or ambulatory care, refers to a form of treatment which only requires a short period (around 10 hours) of hospitalization.

In day surgery, you can be diagnosed, treated and monitored without having to stay overnight in the hospital. You may sleep at home, maintain your habits and, possibly, your work schedule. A day surgery is a procedure which can be carried out over one day and does not require the patient to remain in the hospital overnight. 

Shoulder procedures usually require a hospitalization period. However, some procedures such as Bankart repair, arthroscopic removal of calcium deposit, arthroscopic debridement and even a small rotator cuff tear may be performed as outpatient procedures. 

The decision whether to hospitalize or to choose day surgery will be taken by the physician and the patient based on the pathology, the family and domestic environment, and the patient’s medical history.

Institut de la main

In 20 years of existence, the INSTITUT DE LA MAIN has become one of the main hand and upper limb surgery centers in Europe. Its nine surgeons on staff can treat all hand and upper limb problems. 


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